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Mid-Year Makeover

Confession: I kind of, sort of… ok I ACTUALLY believe in numerology. In the same way some people follow their astrological charts, I follow numerology. With the being said, I don’t make decisions and take action based solely on what the charts say, but I do tend to give them a little more than a passing glance. So this January, I greeted 2013 like any other year– with a meditation, a review from the year before and a glance at the numerology for the year to come.


[NUMEROLOGY 101: in numerology there are nine numbers (1-9) each having it's own set of characteristics and energy. Every person, place, and date in time has it's own set of numbers assigned to it and those numbers indicate what personality/energy the person, place or thing (nouns in general) will carry. Back to the story.]


Back in January, I was pleased to find that for ME, 2013 was a 1 year, meaning it was a year to transform, progress and go-get-em. After having a challenging year in 2012, I was pleased to hear that perhaps THIS year I would have the universal energy to pursue my dreams moving in my direction. So I set out to make 2013 count by finishing up another year of school, being the social butterfly that I am and starting a new organization. On the surface, these advances seem to be exactly what the year called for, and in many ways it was. However,  they also came at a cost.

True to form, I had been pushing so hard and moving so fast that I had lost myself and my focus in the process. I didn’t realize this until two weeks ago, when I sat on my bed and cried, feeling more hopeless then I have felt in along time. “I did it again!”, I sobbed, feeling completely exhausted, uninspired and discontent. I had gotten so busy doing and going that I had forgotten the things that allow me to stay inspired and energized– being with friends, eating right and taking care of me. Although no one likes an afternoon of tears, I am grateful; this mini meltdown has been the catalyst for the consistent change I have been looking for and the inspiration I needed.

For years… yes years, I have put my accomplishments and achievements front and center, regardless of the cost. My recent meltdown has taught me, it ain’t gonna work anymore. It’s time to refocus and create the feelings I want to feel. I desire to feel inspired, grounded and vibrant and in order to do that I need some consistent action steps to make that a reality. There are still 7 months left of 2013, and I plan to make it count by giving myself a Mid-Year Makeover and writing about it once a week. After a lot of soul searching, I came up with the 10 things I will focus on in order to feel the way I want to feel:

The List (In no particular order):

1. Cut out Boy Drama!

For some time now I have either been dating, in a hot-mess of a relationship or somewhere in between. I can not think of a time in my young adult life that I have not been analyzing or obsessing over some romantic mini-drama and frankly, I’m sick of it.  I have always been a firm believer in being complete as an individual before committing to someone else and it’s time to take my own advice. Although I’m not swearing off dating for the rest of the year, I am taking a break and focusing on other areas of life.


2. Get on a Schedule

Consistency has always been one of my weaknesses, so I have made a schedule and plan to stick to it. This will help me eliminate distractions and feel productive.

3. Start a Budget and STICK TO IT!

I’m learning that no amount of travel or fine dining can replace a sense of financial security. It is my goal to create a budget that allows me to enjoy the travelling and going out I love while still building a nest egg and saving for more permanent investments. (Yes, it can be done!) `

4. Clean up my diet

This one is HUGE! I am constantly exhausted and I am convince it’s because I pretty much eat like crap. I will be blogging about my journey to healthier eating by cutting out caffeine and sugar and incorporating juicing into my daily routine.

5. Incorporate Hobbies

For my whole life, I’ve wanted to be a dancer— I mean REALLY dance. I feel so present and free anytime I get to express myself through dance. I am starting dance lessons next week and can’t wait to post videos and pictures of the progress! In addition, I want to continue my yoga practice and keep writing and blogging consistently.


6. Build Friendships

No one makes me feel more loved and supported than my inner circle of friends and family. It is my intention to return the support by being the best friend I can be by making my inner circle a priority.

Me and my besties... Love these girls :)
Me and my besties… Love these girls :)

7. Be Present

Where ever I am, I’ll be all there

8. Practice Excellence

In his book, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker says, “How you do anything is how you do everything”. I’m guilty of thinking I can half-ass my way through my job waiting tables and then somehow turn on the charm when I step on stage to speak, but this quote tells me differently. It is my goal to make excellence a habit in all aspects of my life, not just the ones I view as most important.

9. Commit to a Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice is an intricate part of every one of my role model’s lives, so it’s essential that I develop a consistent practice that works for me. I will start and end everyday with some form of meditation, prayer or journaling.


10. Love ME unconditionally

This experiment is not about perfection; it’s about continually looking within to heal myself and create the life I dream of. I’m not looking “out there”, I’m looking within and loving myself in every step of the process.

People, we are half way through 2013 and I’m SO EXCITED because I fully believe the second half will be even better than the first. What do YOU want to get out of the next 7 months? What do you want to create? Please join me as I share my Mid-Year Makeover, it’s going to be great!


To the year ahead,

Katie Hoffman




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